Rincón de la Victoria Town Council

Website translation (tourism)

The Town Council of Rincón de la Victoria, where Nóvalo has its headquarters in Malaga.

The town was formerly a small fishing village that has experienced enormous growth in recent decades and now welcomes numerous national and international tourists, having become a tourist landmark on the coast of Axarquia, the region to which it belongs. The influx of international tourists has created the need for administrative and tourist resources translated into several languages and available to this growing community of visitors.

After a preliminary selection of the contents of the website that might be of interest to this public, and after a meeting with the technical team, Nóvalo offered the Rincón de la Victoria Town Council advice on the export of the selected files in order to be able to work with the html code. Furthermore, our team of professional native translators was responsible for the translation and localisation into English of these contents, which were made available on the web. In addition to the translation, Nóvalo also monitors the website in order to keep the contents translated into English up to date.

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