Website translation (food sector)

Ceregumil is a brand of the Spanish company Fernández y Canivell S.A. dedicated to food supplements. Its headquarters are in Malaga.

Localisation and translation of the brand's web contents in order to implement an appropriate internationalisation and export strategy for the brand's products.

Given the technical requirements involved in the localisation and translation of web pages, our IT experts worked closely with those responsible for the company and the maintenance of its web environment, with the aim of extracting and preparing the material for subsequent translation. Furthermore, the Ceregumil website includes an online shop, so our team had to focus its efforts on finding a solution for the future multilingual environment of the web and the online shop. In addition to our IT technicians, who carried out the final loading and publication of the page, a team of translators and proofreaders specialised in the health, wellness and pharmacy sectors took part in the localisation and translation process of the Ceregumil website, in order to ensure optimum cultural adaptation and the linguistic level required in the sector.

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