Promálaga is a company sponsored by Malaga City Council and whose work focuses on business promotion, as well as the creation of jobs, wealth and well-being in the city of Malaga. Its main objective is to encourage entrepreneurship, support companies and invest in technology, and it also has numerous technological, creative and cultural incubators and a space for the development of innovative ideas and projects and urban technologies.


As an entity supporting entrepreneurship and business promotion with an international character, the organisation needed the contents published on its website translated into English, so that it would also be accessible to English-speaking users.


Our first step with the client was an initial consultancy to define both the linguistic and technical needs and milestones of the project. This meeting also allowed us to gather the necessary information to carry out an analysis of the website and the general site map. This information was used in our consultancy with Promálaga’s IT department, as a second necessary step in the implementation of the project. Finally, our team of professional native translators carried out the translation of the content extracted from the web into English, as well as the revision of the contents and documents that had already been translated into English by their internal staff.