The Consorcio de Desarrollo y Turismo Costa del Sol Occidental (Costa del Sol Occidental Tourism and Development Consortium) is a useful tool for the management of tourist destinations and an instrument that allows the destination to be upgraded in a coordinated, consensual and effective way.


The Consorcio was looking for a quality solution for translating and reviewing all the existing content on its platform, which had been generated since 2009. It was necessary to carry out a complete revision of the entire text in Spanish in order to subsequently translate it into English, French and German. The initial content was over 150,000 words and the maximum deadline for its translation and revision was 30 days. Since that initial contact, we have been providing the translation service for all the new content created for the portal.


In order to meet the required deadline, it was necessary to create a translation and revision team into the 4 working languages in record time and pursuing the highest quality. Style guides, glossaries and terminology repositories were developed for each of the requested languages in order to guarantee the consistency of the content and optimise quality.