The Premium Group is a powerful business group with two important hotels in the centre of Malaga, as well as other establishments in the restaurant and catering sector.


Both hotels needed an SEO strategy for their websites and social network management, mainly in Spanish and English, so that the accommodation could be easily found on the Internet and potential customers could make their reservations. In addition, they needed to create the contents (static and dynamic) for both websites from scratch, as well as translate them into 12 languages.


Nóvalo provided a team of translators and editors in Spanish and English to develop the content in both languages, with a keyword plan defined for the client after research by Nóvalo into the agreed target markets. In addition to this, the team of translators carried out the translation into 12 languages for each website, which was also uploaded to the different pages by Nóvalo. Once both websites were operational and online, Nóvalo designed a digital marketing strategy, content and social network marketing (in addition to a Community Manager) for the promotion and dissemination of both brands through social networks, as well as the correct positioning of both websites in search engines, focusing mainly on Google.