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Nóvalo organizes a new consulting training session, aimed at companies in process of internationalization with the help of Extenda

On October 2nd, Nóvalo eLinguistic Services will offer, with the help of Extenda (Andalusia Abroad Promotion Agency), a new call for its training session day, mainly aimed at businesses offering products and services abroad. This initiative is part of the support actions Extenda offers to companies in the Andalusian network of businesses and aims to provide attendees with a way of thinking in the context of the internationalization of companies.

Today, one of the major concerns of companies wishing to internationalize is the optimum way to reach countries where language and culture are different from their own. The training session is particularly aimed at those companies that began their internationalization processes, and also, generally, to any company that wants to improve its competitiveness and to address to international markets.

The training session will be provided by the internationalization consulting company Nóvalo eLinguistic Services, focused on language services since 2004, offering a wide range of multilingual translation and interpreting services and solutions, nationally and internationally. During the training session, the language and cultural issues that companies should be aware of when going abroad will be presented, in order to help those companies to develop an overall communication strategy which is appropriate and effective. In addition, we will develop the “localization” concept as the complete process of adapting a product (website, device, software application, etc.) to a new market, among other matters of interest.

We invite all companies to participate in this initiative, in which Nóvalo will put every effort to provide keys in order to properly focus on the international expansion process.

The training session will take place in Seville, on next July 3rd 2014, from 10:20 to 14:30, in the main room at the Extenda‘s headquarters (C/ Marie Curie, 5, 41092 Seville – Isla de la Cartuja).

Please check the links below for more information and for the inscription form.


– 2014-1384 Solicitud JJTT Asesoramiento Linguístico

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