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Nóvalo at ETIM 2013

Last Saturday 30th November Nóvalo attended the fourth edition of the Translators and Interpreters Conference in Málaga, known as ETIM. This event is organized by Educación Digital and was held at La Térmica (former civic centre). This conference has become in the last years a must for professional translators in Spain.

This year the ETIM included seven presentations dealing with different topics: rates (by María Bonilla) and productivity (by Sergio Calvo), conference interpreting (by Lourdes de Rioja), subtitling and dubbing (by Paula Mariani), literary translation (by Anuvela and Las Cuatro de Syldavia) and translation in intelligence services (by Laeticia Abihssira). All of them provided their particular point of view of the translator profession and encouraged the exchange of views.

The networking activity was also very productive. It is carried out in order to meet other colleagues, share information and establish contacts. We had the opportunity to talk to students who are finishing their studies, established translators and colleagues that are starting in this profession.

The ETIM has been held since 2009, when Nóvalo and Educación Digital organized the first event for professional translators and interpreters in Málaga. Although due to different reasons Nóvalo could not continue organizing these conferences, the ETIM is in its fourth edition and is increasing every year the number of attendees and the quality of speakers.

To conclude, this event, full of enthusiasm and eager to promote the profession, is added to the different events for translators (known as “saraos traductoriles” in Spanish), organized in Spain and that are a meeting point for professionals.

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