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NEWS | 09.06.2017

World Transplant Games in Malaga: N贸valo, Selected as Main Translation Agency

Our translation agency is proud to participate in another of the events of the moment. On this occasion, N贸valo and our team of professional translators have been selected to cover all the linguistic aspects of the 21st World Games of Transplanted Athletes, a global event that will be held in Malaga between June 25th and July 2nd. It will bring to our city athletes from all over the world.

N贸valo Language Creatives at the World Transplant Games

As public entity and main organiser of the event, Malaga City Council's Department of Sports and Events has made a great effort to organise and manage an event of such magnitude, which requires great planning in very different and complementary areas. Among all providers involved in the event, our translation agency was selected as the main language provider for the translation of all types of material related to the Games, including a wide variety of documents such as press releases, news, brochures, press releases for volunteers, greetings from agencies and public representatives, the official website, official programmes and signage and identification material. Due to its quantity and specificity, this corpus of documents and material required exhaustive work managed side by side with the organising body. This process continued for more than a year and involved a large part of our team, given the demands of the project.

N贸valo 鈥 Experience in Professional Translation

Our track record as a translation business in Malaga and our experience in services with similar characteristics was key to N贸valo winning the bid for translation services when the City Council put out to tender the task of covering all the linguistic needs of an event of this magnitude. We are very proud to have been selected by the public entity to contribute our team of professional translators and participate in an event that sponsors the sport and that accommodates all those people who, after a transplant, do not give up and continue to dedicate their lives to professional sports.

At N贸valo we hope that this will be one of the many projects involving Malaga City Council and other official bodies and, above all, that the World Transplant Games will be a success in the city. A success that we do not intend to miss.




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