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La Noche de los Libros: Professional Interpreting in Culture Industry | La Térmica de Málaga & Nóvalo

Noche de los Libros

At our translation company, if there’s one thing we really like, it’s working in the culture industry. Collaborating in projects made by artists, writers or in creative areas makes us love our work and feel that we participate, even in a small way, in the promotion of culture. After all, that is the purpose of professional translation and interpretation: the dissemination of culture in other languages.

For this reason, we were particularly happy to provide our team of professional interpreters and our Advisory & Management Services on interpretation on last May 11th at La Térmica de Málaga, where a fantastic cultural event is held every year, bringing together numerous writers, artists from the guild and geniuses of literature in the same day. Málaga 451 La Noche de los Libros is a literary festival that, year after year, has been held at La Térmica with incredible success from the public, interest and media coverage, as it brings together the best of the international and national literary scene. Figures of the stature of Jean Echenoz, Antonio Escohotado, Juan José Millás, Rosa Montero, Ben Brooks or Benjamín Prado, among other great authors, along with young local literary talents such as the fantastic Ángelo Néstore (recently awarded the prestigious Hiperión Poetry prize) or Violeta Niebla.

From the Management Team at La Térmica, we were informed about their different needs that we successfully covered from our translation agency: a team of professional French, English and Spanish interpreters in charge of the simultaneous interpreting of the presentations by Jean Echenoz, Ben Brooks, Simon Reynolds and Sjón; the management and distribution of the necessary technical equipment (for more than 800 people); advice on the linguistic management and installation of the required technical equipment; and a long etcetera, as required by an event of this magnitude attended by thousands of Malaga residents on the night of May 11th.

To sum up, after a few weeks of hard work to plan an event of this magnitude and all that it entails, both from a technical and a linguistic point of view, we are very proud that everything went to plan, as the client needed, and that La Noche de los Libros at La Térmica de Málaga was, once again, a success.

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