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Cultural Interpreting for ‘Malaga Portal’ – The Malaga City Council Project

As a translation and interpreting company in Malaga, for Nóvalo it is both gratifying and challenging to be the translation agency chosen to carry out the interpreting service within the “Malaga Portal” project framework, recently sponsored by Malaga City Council. This was the name used for a brilliant initiative that enabled the international promotion of cultural agents in the city of Malaga, through a multidisciplinary cultural project with international relevance.

After analyzing certain complex peculiarities of the project, such as unusual time availability, outstanding cultural knowledge and working through remote connection, among others, our professional interpreters from Malaga got down to work to be ready and up to speed in this high level cultural exchange in terms of professional translation and interpreting knowledge.

The “Malaga Portal”, located in the Tabacalera complex next to The State Russian Museum Collection and Polo Digital, was promoted by the City Council’s Culture Department and incorporated content related to heritage and cultural industries produced by cultural agents in Malaga. Particularly, we could say that the initiative is articulated through an international network of portals located in different cities around the world, which enables the connection between artists from each place and their audiences. Curated by the University of Malaga (UMA) professor and art critic Juan Francisco Rueda, it is part of the artistic exchange program between Spain and the United States, and it is linked to two artistic projects based in San Francisco and Malaga, respectively.

The so-called “Portals” project spread throughout the world: the United States, Germany, Mexico, Honduras, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Rwanda, etc. The portals are maritime transport containers that, after being transformed and technologically equipped, allow the connection between them through image and sound. With free access at a pre-established connection time, the audience can share experiences with other people who access the other portals.

To facilitate communication and translation in Malaga for non-English speakers, the City Council requested the services of a high-profile translation agency that would be prepared to face this professional interpreting challenge.

At Nóvalo, we thank Malaga City Council for its trust and we hope to continue providing professional translation and communication services in our city.

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